ZombieFest 2013

Zombiefest is an interactive gaming marathon and all proceeds will go to EFF

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Now, this is going to be called Zombiefest because this will be nothing but zombie games the entire time. I personally have around 50 zombie games that I can play through this time.

The way it is going to work is that this will be a very interactive gaming marathon. I understand how many other marathons work, and those marathons are cool, but with ZombieFest, really it is all about everybody coming together and enjoying zombie games to celebrate Halloween. So we are going to invite anybody who wants to play games with us to play with us online. Or if you want to play a different zombie game that we do not have, we will be there to also facilitate that and help you get like minded people who are on the Twitch channel together for a session for you.

Our goal is to have everybody who is in the channel all playing zombie games at the same time. Whether it is by yourself, with us, or with new people you meet in the Twitch chatroom itself, all are welcome to enjoy zombie games. This is all going to be done for charity as well.

Here is the current link for donating to EFF here

This is going to be a very fun event that we invite everybody to come check out. We know that the gaming industry is saturated in zombie games, so let’s take advantage of that and play them all together, and for charity.


Founder of VideoGameRescue and the Nerd Castle

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