Xbox 360 Indie Game upgrades

[divider_flat] Looks like Microsoft is putting more faith into the indie games being released on live. This is great overall for us game lovers but I do smell some Bantha poo doo in the mix. They are allowing developers to release more than 10 indie games and that’s great if they are quality games. How many companies have that many quality games, especially an indie developer! Let’s not forget about the large pile of mung that Wii has in its game catalog.

Here are the new changes:

  • Bigger game sizes: The previous maximum size for Xbox Indies games was 150MB—that limit has now been increased to 500MB. This means Indies developers will be able to craft bigger, more expansive games.
  • Change in price structure: Previously, games that were larger than 50MB had to be priced at either 240 ($3) or 400 ($5) MS Points. That tier now starts at 150MB, meaning any games below that size limit may be priced at 80 MS Points ($1).
  • More releases per developer: Developers were initially limited to releasing a maximum of eight games via the Xbox Indies platform. Then, that limit was changed to 10. As of today, Microsoft has once again increased that limit, so that developers may release a maximum of 20 Xbox Indies games.


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