What’s your favorite Final Fantasy?

This past weekend I found my favorite Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy III for SNES. I have been bugging this guy at another flea market for a few months about getting the game for cheaper than what he was asking and he finally caved in! I paid $30 for it and I feel like I got a pretty good deal considering its my favorite. So this got me thinking what is everyone’s favorite Final Fantasy?


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  1. I’ve only beaten VII and VIII and I prefer VII out of the two. Not a huge RPG guy.

  2. As far as end-to-end game: 4. The aerial battle between Gardens in FF8 was then, and is still now, the most amazing single scene of a video game I have ever played, however.

  3. Tough call. Can always play through 3 or 6 whatever you want to call it. I agree with Matt, really enjoyed FF8 even though it wasn’t as liked as 7.

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