We started building the VGRcade one year ago

A little over a year ago we set out to create something in Jacksonville that hadn’t been here in many years. The space next to the game store became available to rent and we jumped right on it. We asked our community and the internet help make this little game store into a destination by adding an arcade next door to it. Our goal wasn’t met but we did raise enough money to acquire the spots and started building the arcade. Not only did the community help fund the arcade expansion they even showed up in droves to help paint and clean up the space. We couldn’t have done it without you all!

Over the last year Dustin has spent a lot of time trying to find the best games and arcades to add. It’s easy to find arcades but not ones that are in playable condition or ones that people want to play. Dustin’s search for pinball machines has been been a little harder. Pinball machines are hard to find and rarely cheap. Cody from 904 Pinball Zine has been a huge help bringing pinball to the Video Game Rescue Arcade. Dustin finally found his own pinball machine in March and brought it home to the arcade. This pinball machine was the first commercially produced talking pinball called Gorgar. After fixing the machine up and making a few quarters, Dustin traded it to the Asheville Pinball Museum for a South Park Pinball machine.

Each month we try to add something or improve something in the store or the arcade. For example last month we were finally able to have the electrical panels repaired/replaced. We also had many of the light fixtures fixed and even added black lights in the arcade! Everytime you come to one of our events or put a quarter into one of our machines it helps bring these machines back to life! Thank you again from everyone at the VGR family!


Founder of VideoGameRescue and the Nerd Castle

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