WE ARE LIVE! Episode #65 w/ David from Hyperkin!



Founder of VideoGameRescue and the Nerd Castle


  1. retron 5 release date please

  2. Does Dustin have a boss “Army of Darkness” poster in the background?

  3. David, is there, or are there any ways of notifying RetroN 5 owners of firmware updates?

  4. Might have missed it, but has anybody asked about the risks of overheating and ruining games with the Retron 5? I’d hate to pay $99 just to lose a copy of a $200 game…

  5. I would like to know if the output will be RGB, kind of the by xrgb mini?

  6. Can you ask about future Game Gear (even as standalone)?.. I really want to collect those, but only if I can play on TV..

  7. Will the Retron5 play all SNES games? I’ve bought Retro consoles in the past that couldn’t play all games due to software limitations.

  8. Will the Canadian release be the same time as the US release?

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