WE ARE LIVE! Gaming & Collecting Podcast Episode #62


    Founder of VideoGameRescue and the Nerd Castle


    1. i wonder when the steambox is coming =)

    2. i will eventually check out your shop

    3. The sanctuary looks good indeed =)

    4. what about the new games that are coming Elder Scrolls Online and Destiny =)

    5. xfire can be used on xbox 360?

    6. For me, I am going where the games I want are at. I know some people may not like that, but I am more of a player at this point than a collector, hence me wanting a Wii-U. I want the Sonic games. I know that the Wii-U is having a little trouble right now, but I don’t care since I am after those Sonic games. If there is a Sonic/Wii-U bundle, I am pre-ordering that right away.

      Chances are I will end up with an XBox One just because I really like Halo games and Bungie seems to do a really good job at everything they put out