How to make custom Virtual Boy cases

finished product 4v2

I have been a fan of custom cases and the Cover Art Project for a while and not seen anyone come up with a great way to store your Virtual Boy games. I am also a big fan for /r/GameCollecting over at Reddit and member NintendoTwizer came up with a great way to store your Virtual Boy games and I had to share it with you all. This is going to be my weekend project as soon as I get my red cases from Nintendo. I love these kinds of projects and If you have your own video game projects you want to share please email me. You can also see my last project here.


NintendoTwizer did a great job with just a slide show on how to make these cases and he made very easy to copy his work.

Items needed:

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  1. Very cool man. I just recently picked up a VB for my collection, and this is a very neat idea. I love The Cover Project and the whole community around preserving classic games. Share more stuff you find like this. 😀

  2. How do you get these to print to the right size?

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