Video Game Store Blog Update #1

This past weekend I went out to the new store and started the cleaning process. Little did I realize how incredible dirty the place was! I took down one of the CIB Sega games that was on the shelf and I kid you not there was a quarter inch of dust on top of it. After I quickly wiped it off (and took an extra dose of allergy medication) I kicked myself for not taking a picture. I did take a picture of a really dirty Sega Game Gear. If I run across any other crazy dirt piles, I will remember to post a picture! Remember to follow me on ether Twitter or Facebook because I always post pictures there before I do on the site =). Cleaning took a lot longer than I expected, so I only got a small hand full of things cleaned while I was there. I got the Sega games, Wii and Gamecube games done and that’s not even a full wall of stuff. I ended up filling the car with as much as I could get home (see photo below) to start cleaning while I was at home. I didn’t even get a quarter of the SNES and NES games that I had at the store. What you see in that photo are the NES / SNES games that were in the back storage area.

I did find a few cool items including the CIB Samurai Showdown for 3D0. It’s not a extremely value find but pretty neat to find it in the cardboard cart with instructions. On a sad note I did find a Chrono Cross set of disc with no case. These disc were in great shape but no case to call home. If anyone has a case for sale I would love to make a complete set. Lastly R.O.B. volunteered to be my business card holder! oh and look how my universal media cases were delivered today. I am not a happy camper with FedEx!


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  1. Awesome article my friend. I look forward to reading up on further developments. 😀

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