Video Game Store Blog Update #2

Week two of the video game store is now over and man does it looks a thousand times better. I rearranged some of the shelves and started to reprice some of the games. I found several games that most likely were never checked to see if they were up to par with current prices. for instance I found a Rockband game (no guitar) with $30 price tag on it still! There still is a lot of work to be done and I tried to stay as late as possible on Sunday and get it completely finished but I was unable to. Apparently when they say they shut everything down at 6:30 they mean it and shut off all the power, leaving me unable to finish cleaning AND make a video! You can see in some of the photos where it seems to be a bit dark and that is why.

I did find a few cool items in the store including a headset for the NES and a nice copy of Lufia for Gameboy Color! Lufia was severely under priced and I’m glad I found it before someone else did. Some of the Gameboy games had sticker directly on the labels and drove me NUTS trying to get them off. Unfortunately I did rip a few labels but the majority of them were saved! woot! Lets all take a moment to poor a little of our Redbull or coffee out for all the damaged video games we had this weekend. While we are on the label subject, I did start to implement the cover art in the universal media cases onto the store floor. If you look a the picture with the Super Nintendo games you can see the few that I got done and put out with the carts. Eventually I will have all the cases done like that and will no longer need to put stickers on the carts and forever removing the chance of a damaged game because of a stupid price tag.

I want to give a thanks for all the help I got this weekend from my wife Deanna, my sister in law Lisa and our friend Briana! If it wasn’t for them, there would have been no way I could have cleaned that store and helped customers. THANK YOU GIRLS SO MUCH! Also I wanted to Thank Will from Reddit for coming out and trading some awesome games! He had his eye on some of the Sega Master System games I had and he brought some amazing games to trade. He traded a sealed copy of Street Fighter 2 AND yes there’s more… WAIT FOR IT… a SEALED copy of Xenogears!!! Lastly I wanted to thank another collector Brian, for coming in and checking out the store. After he saw the games I had in the Universal Media Cases, he bought a few from me and decided to do the same to his collection.

Next week the next fun part begins… Inventorying the store!


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  2. Thanks for the cases. I’ve got 600 on their way to me now and should arrive Monday. Good luck with the store!

  3. Yea, pretty much. I’m also using the final part of my vaca to reorganize my game room. After I get those cases made its going to be super sweet.

  4. Oh man I’d love pictures! If you don’t mind I would post them here with a picture of you. Maybe a video =]

  5. Thanks for taking the sealed games off my hands!

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