Video Game Store Blog #5

A ton has happened since the last update and I’m glad to say we’ve been very busy! Despite the heat people are still coming out to the store to shop and trade in their games. Those trade ins have filled out the store and made it look one hundred times better than it did a few weeks ago. I’m assuming that the kids that were running this store didn’t tell anyone that they traded or did repairs because people are shocked to hear that we take trades. It also helps that the store is now clean and I am actually happy to be there; creating a more welcome environment for the customers. See what the store originally looked like HERE.

Some of the shelves and display cases were getting a bit cramped. So, I moved some of the items around to give the store a better flow and look better overall. I moved the Atari games from the portable shelving unit to underpart the NES games. The free portable shelf is now used for all of our portable gaming system accessories (see what I did there lol). I added a few new items that I got in this past week like the new Gen-X System that plays Sega Genesis and original Nintendo games. I’ve never sold these before and I’m interested to see if they help increase the sales of the Sega games. As you can see in one of the photos I put a Super NES out for people to play while they are in the store. I figured this would give people the chance to see a game from their childhood and possibly interest a younger generation to start playing retro games.

I’m working on an Amazon Store at the moment and I can hopefully get that fully organized soon. OH and also I will be posting on Thursday the collection I bought this past weekend! ITS HUGE!



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  1. I want to hear more about this collection you bought.

  2. If you still read these old comments, can you tell me where you got your game signs, like “xbox 360 pre-played” & where you got the bags & cardboard tops that you put the used controllers in?
    Your site inspired me to open a small used game store inside a huge flea market & I want it too look cool & professional like yours. Thanks!

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