Video Game Store Blog #4

Another rainy week here in Jacksonville but we still had a pretty good weekend! Traffic was a bit slower which allowed us to get a lot more done in the store and I had expected. We started with finishing relabeling the Disc only games and have them labeled, inventoried and put in their very own bin.The walk ins that we did get all seemed to have one thing on their minds… TRADING! This weekend we got an unbelievable amount of trade ins! I love it! The word is getting out! We got everything from NES, SNES, PS2, PS3 and even a 3DO with GAMES!!! 

On Sunday when it rained the hardest we got the opportunity to reorganize the store a bit. I had the idea to split the store into two sides. New age gaming and retro gaming. If you look at the pictures below you can see that the store overall looks a lot better and seems to flow better as well. I think customers will appreciate the sectioning off of the games. What do you think?

Coming up this weekend we will finally be offering Retro Duo and Retro Single systems in the store along with a ton of new retro gaming accessories. I know a lot of your hardcore collectors out there do not like these reproductions but the fact is customers want them and Its my responsibility as a owner to provide. I have bills to pay lol. Within the next two weeks we should have everything in the computer inventoried and hopefully (fingers crossed) I can export the inventory list and have it available on our site to share with you all. That way if you are looking for a game and want to help out my store all you will need to do is send me an email. Until next week, Keep gaming and get your retro gaming on!


Founder of VideoGameRescue and the Nerd Castle


  1. I probably shouldn’t get as much enjoyment out of seeing the store so organized as I do. But I’m legit breathing easier because so much has already been organized and inventoried. Haha.

  2. Saw your post on reddit and just wanted to see how it was doing. Great job with all of this! goodluck. It will be hard for a little while but you’ll make it. Dont pull a gamestop and rip people off for their games.

  3. Good post here, keep up the amazing work.

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