Video Game Store Blog #3

    Busy and rainy week at the store! Here is Jacksonville we have received an unreal amount of rain in the last three weeks. Luckily the rain has help out until later in the afternoon these past two weeks, allowing some people to get out to Pecan Park. This week I continued to reprice a lot of the games and Briana cleaned the Nintendo 64 games till they were so clean that any collector would be proud. Speaking of cleaning games Briana brought out a Magic Eraser to see how it would work on the games and I have to say it is a MUST for any video game collector. It cleans even the nastiest games we tried it on. I’m working on a video now that shows some of the progress on a few games we cleaned and then re-cleaned with the Magic Eraser. If you look at the Sega Menacer you can get a better idea of how dirty some of the games were.

    I did put out a new video blog of the store which you can see HERE.

    We did get in some trade this weekend of a few commons and i put out the sealed copy of Street Fighter II and Xenogears. This weekend was the first weekend were I started to stamp business cards when people trade in and buy games at the store. If you buy 5 games or trade in 5 different times you get 25% off your next game purchase or bonus in trader in. I think that will get people excited about buying and trading at the store. Like one of the people on Reddit said was when he was a kid it was always exciting to have that card and having that bonus in savings or in trade ins.

    Inventorying the store is going a lot slower than I expected. With how busy the store has been and the massive amount of cleaning we’ve done, its really hard to get it all down. I did take all the disc home to start putting them in alphabetical order and then inventorying them. What I decided to do is post on the site an excel document with all the games I have available, so if you see something you can’t live without you can just email me. I do need a lot of dreamcast games because I am extremely low on them at the moment. If you look in the pictures I have a very sad looking shelf with a few on there. Send me an email with what you have and how much or what you want and we’ll strike a deal!


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