This week in review: 4/23/12 – 4/27/12

Another busy week in the books! I found this awesome Super Mario Bros. themed quilt! This would be a great present for a kid or geek and I would pimp on of these in snuggy form any day lol. Throw on my quilt and start to play Mario!

Podcast #7 was the start of a new mini series about getting better deals at flea markets and yard sales. I will be starting with the basics and work my way up to the tricks and tips I use every weekend when hunting for video game bargains.

This weeks free game is a little weak on the content (free version) but great on the fun factor. The free version of Flick Home Run has two different play modes available; Total Balls and Bunt Master.

Funny Video Game Pictures:

So what was your favorite thing this week? Leave a comment and let us know!


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