The VGRcade now has a DDR machine! But there is a catch…

DDR1It’s broken and incredibly ugly. However, Dustin and friend Kenny are  working on putting it all back together! This past Sunday they spent the better part of the day taking it apart and starting the restoration process. We’ve got a long road to go before this much anticipated machine is ready to hit the arcade floor.  Dustin would like to add new stickers, pads, sensors and more, but the fact is that all costs money. Before we spend that money, we as a community need to make some decisions. Would you rather pay by the play ($1.00 for 3 songs) OR a flat fee of $5.00 all you can play? Also, we must decide if the machine will stay a DDR Extreme or be moved to a different platform(beat mania). Let us know your feedback on our Facebook discussion page (insert link here).




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