The arcade favorite NFL BLITZ is back!

It seems like just yesterday I was rushing to my local arcade to blow my entire hard-earned allowance on NFL Blitz, the only football game I have ever enjoyed playing. The fact is, I’m not really a football fan. To find a football game that I enjoy playing is a testament to how good the game truly is. The arcade style is brilliant and gives gamers a “less serious” game playing experience.


The newest addition to the sports game series has kept this true. I was really surprised to see football arcade-style games make a comeback so soon. The new NFL Blitz is available on PSN and Xbox Live right now! So get on it people! It’s only 1200 points on Xbox Live and it’s well worth the money. You can play a multiplayer version with your friends, play solo or go Live for a truly radical arcade gaming experience.


I think EA has set a new level on what to expect when crafting an arcade based sports game. I’ve been saying for quite some time that game companies need to go back to the basic and make games simple again. The games I grew up with concentrated on being enjoyable first then graphics afterwards. Too many games have flooded the market this generation and honestly, it has been just like selling some polished turds!


For a retro-style sports arcade game, NFL Blitz… I give you the #Powerful #SlowClap


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