Store Update Video!

Sorry it’s been so long since the last store update but it has been crazy busy. I started thinking about the future of the store and how to make sure that it is successful in the future. After seeing the PlayStation 4 press release, it has become very apparent that the used video game market is going to be a thing of the past. Let’s face it, I’m a used video game store and if i want to be a viable business I need to make sure that I can make money. I have decided that my store will be more than just a video game store. We are in the process of adding trading card games, toys and more! Stay tuned for more information and thank you to everyone that has supported me!


Founder of VideoGameRescue and the Nerd Castle


  1. I’m liking some of the stuff that your’e getting in.I loved that megaman elecman toy.I was like ”Yes,a thousand yes’s”.

  2. And dude,I might get Mario 64 this weekend 😀 I’ll let you borrow it after i play it,But you probably want to add it your collection and that’s not gonna happen xD

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