Site and Store update – Whats been going on

I know that I haven’t been posting a ton like I should be but I promise it is for a good reason. Last Monday I put in my two week notice at work and decided that it is time to dedicate my time to my store and website. Effective next Monday there will be big changes coming to not only to the website but to the podcast as well. Over the next few weeks you will see some changes on the site and a new addition to the podcast. I will be adding a guest host to the podcast and revamping the format of the show all together. I am hoping by doing so I can provide a better show for you all. With that being said there will be no podcast this week again and I am VERY sorry but I promise the wait will be worth it.

In the mean time I have a cool picture here for you all! Brianna and I tried to get the PlayStation 2 kiosk to work and found out in the process that the PS2 and a few other things didn’t work. So Brianna did some magic Harry Potter style and fixed up the Kiosk with a Sega 3 inside! We figured that something playable was better than nothing and I’ve got to say it looks pretty cool.


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