Custom Sega Game Gear Cases

Custom Sega Game Gear Cases

I was tired of my Game gear games looking like crap and decided to take a note from the Virtual Boy Cases that I showed you all and make my very own. I also decided to show you all how I made them!


Items needed:

First your going to want to remove the portion of the case that holds the DS game / Gameboy Advance game. I used a Black & Decker Rotary Tool to remove this part of the case but I would probably suggest taking your time and using an X-Acto Knife. When I used the rotary tool it left the edges rough and not the quality I was hoping for. The one you see here in the picture will be redone and made to look a lot better. Practice makes perfect right?

Although the case inside looks completely square it actually isn’t and is slightly off. You’re going to want to measure out a 4.8 inch by 4.7 inch piece of your foam sheet. Before cutting out the slot for the game you will want to make sure that it fits inside the game case.Once you have made sure that the foam will fit into the game case you can cut your 2.1 inch1 by 2.9 inch whole to place your game. You may want to make it a little bigger so the game wont be as snug and you can cut a circle at the top of the cutout to allow easier assess to the game.

The cover art was provided by the awesome people over at The Cover Project and printed out at my local print shop for 59 cents a copy. Make sure when you have them printed that they use legal size paper and on a higher gloss. If you use a smaller paper you will smash the picture and if you use cheap paper it will lose the brightness and  may bleed through. They will also cut them for you for free!


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  1. Wow! I can’t believe no one has left a comment, yet! This is absolutely beautiful!!

  2. Despite how much I’d hate to see the Nintendo logo, this is an amazing idea!!

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