Retro Game Night & a Wild Little Samson Appears

(null)I have a grand vision for this monthly event and I can happily say that I’m one step closer. I’ve started to add games to the VGR Library that most people will never get to play. A reproduction cart of Little Samson came into the shop and I knew I needed to add that to the library. This original cartridge is extremely expensive and even our reproduction cartridge goes for over $150 or more.

This Friday will be the first event we will have it available for play. Entry is $5 for the night. Money collected is used to add games to the VGR Library.

So join us in the game room at 6pm Friday!

Bring your favorite game or controller! I like to encourage other retro game enthusiasts and collectors to bring their favorites to share.


Founder of VideoGameRescue and the Nerd Castle

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