Kevin Cronin

Self proclaimed Sega fanboy Kevin has been a collector for close to 15 years with a collection of close to 2000 games ranging from Atari 2600 and Intellivision up through XBox 360 and PS3. He moved from the Mid West to the West Coast where he continued to be a collector and gamer. Willing to discuss anything gaming related, he  also defended games that are universally hated simply because he enjoyed them while playing them. He was not around since the beginning, but has been around long enough to watch the shift from collecting going from needing to know connection through the birth and explosion of online auction sites. His wealth of information on gaming border lined epic, and our show will never be the same.

Kevin passed away April 14th and will be forever missed

Kevin co-hosted Video Game Rescue: Gaming & Collecting Podcast and had a weekly show called SHMUP Central.

LEFT: Dustin RIGHT: Kevin

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