Rampage movie in the works?

Looks like there will be a movie rendition of Rampage and possibly even turned into a franchise. Back in 2009 Warner Bros. purchased Midway and with it, arcade favorite Rampage. Warner Bros. has hired Ryan Engle to write this monster of a movie. I have very fond memories of this game and I hope they don’t screw it up. Honestly though, I think its going to be great because I think people are tired of comic book movies and are ready for something new. There was a fan made Mega Man movie not too long ago that was pretty good. Hollywood is out of new ideas so why not start making movies out of video games? They sucked in the 80’s & 90’s but so did the comic book movies! Prepare yourselves for the incoming onslaught of video game movies!

VIA: Variety

 So what do you think about a Rampage movie?


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  1. we’ll see they are in the writing process now. Maybe they do the franchise route and do one monster at a time or possible 1v1 then add the 3rd monster in the second movie.

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