Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 Remix – Sony PSP

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Genre: Sports
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Shaba Games
MultiPlayer: Wi-Fi
Release Date: 3/15/2005
Language: English
Rating: Teen

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Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 Remix takes players on an all new skating blitzkrieg where they embark on the ultimate road trip from Tony Hawk’s Underground 2 in addition to wreaking havoc in four never-before-seen city-levels – Las Vegas; Atlanta; Kyoto and Santa Cruz — that feature original goals; level changing events and unlockable characters. For the first time; players can live the Tony Hawk console gaming experience on a handheld device as they join either Tony Hawk or Bam Margera on a World Destruction Tour where they nail insane tricks with lightning speed or slow motion focus control; pull off mischievous pranks; and conquer sick terrain through 13 single-player levels or face off against up to three friends in 10 wireless multiplayer games.

  • World Destruction Tour – Take off on an all-new skating blitzkrieg where two teams led by Tony Hawk and Bam Margera conquer sick terrain pull off mischievous pranks and make a host of international cities their personal stomping ground.
  • All-new levels goals and level-changing events – Tear it up in all-new PSP-exclusive levels including Las Vegas Atlanta Kyoto and Santa Cruz each filled with crazy new goals secret and unlockable characters and line-changing level events.
  • New multiplayer features – Play over 10 four-player mini-games wirelessly such as ‘Combo Mambo’ ‘SLAP!’ or ‘Scavenger Hunt’ via the PSP’s wireless network capabilities.
  • All new team play – Team Hawk versus Team Bam. Play as yourself or switch to play as a pro teammate or special guest skater such as Ben Franklin or Jesse James – over 25 unique skaters in all.
  • Unparalleled customization – Create your own logo for use in graffiti tags with the all new Create-a-Graphic feature in addition to creating your own skaters skate parks decks tricks goals and levels of difficulty.
  • New player controls – Get huge air by performing a sticker slap off any wall or surface go into slow-motion focus control and watch and learn how to perfect a certain trick or throw a hilarious tantrum mid-combo and get massive points.
  • Go beyond the board – Maneuver a variety of ride-able objects such as motorized scooters hot dog stands and hospital gurneys pelt bystanders with tomatoes and other objects and tag the turf with signature graffiti.
  • Two games in one – Wreak havoc in Story Mode or switch to play all of the new THUG 2 Remix levels in Classic Mode and go up against a two-minute timer to complete all-time favorite goals like ‘C-O-M-B-O’ ‘secret tape’ and ‘high score.’
  • Put your face in the game – Players can import their picture onto the PSP via any memory stick and map their face to create their own personalized game character in an instant.

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