MLB 2005 – Sony PSP

Genre: Sports
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: 989 Sports
MultiPlayer: Wi-Fi
Release Date: 4/12/2005
Language: English
Rating: Everyone

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By featuring the all-new Branch Point Technology (BPT); which provides seamless fielding transitions and smooth base running; the all-new Playmaker Fielding Marker that brings together a players attributes with the a gamer’s skill level in order to make the play and the all-new Release Point Pitching with Confidence Meter; which helps determine a gamer’s ability to hit spots in the strike zone; MLB for the PSP promises to provide gamers with a true-to-life experience from the diamond. Supporting up to two players via wireless multiplayer connectivity; gamers can compete against the Artificial Intelligence (AI) or go head-to-head against another player. By providing an unmatched broadcast presentation that brings together on screen gameplay; cut scenes; animation and sound MLB for the PSP provides an engrossing authentic baseball simulation.

  • Gameplay Options MLB for the PSP provides baseball fans with a variety of gameplay options to choose from.
  • Quick Game Gamers can select their favorite team and compete against the AI for a quick game on the go.
  • Online Mode Gamers can compete locally against friends or other baseball fans in head-to-head play via wireless multiplayer connectivity.
  • Season Mode Baseball fans can choose their favorite team play the regular season advance to the playoffs and eventually be crowned the World Series Champion.
  • All-New Release Point Pitching with Confidence Meter MLB for the PSP brings baseball fans the ultimate duel with a revised pitcher/batter interface by binding player rating attributes with a gamer’s skill. While easy to pick up and play yet difficult to master MLB for the PSP is a game within the game. Additionally Pitcher Confidence plays a role in a gamer’s ability to hit release spots in the all-new pitch meter while frequency of mistakes will impact the confidence level of a gamer’s hurler making it more difficult to paint the corners of the strike zone.
  • All-New Playmaker Fielding Marker With an all-new fielding interface that brings the player attributes together with the user’s skill level players will really need to make the play. In the past games 90% of outfield fly balls were merely a ‘can o’ corn’ not anymore. With the all-new Fielding Zone Marker the fielder’s fielding attribute rating will determine the size of the zone that surrounds the ball and it’s eventual landing location. With highly ranked fielders the ball marker will be displayed sooner and smaller making it easier to judge fly balls.
  • All-New Branch Point Technology (BPT) Only BPT gives gamers the ability to field the ball and pre-load a throw with seamless fielding transitions impacted by footwork and momentum. This new technology is also used for base running allowing smooth and fluid transitions from a run or slide.
  • MLB Authenticity MLB for the PSP presents gamers with finer details and nuances that make the game America’s Pastime. Gamers can drag bunts along with wild pitches broken bats check swings and more.

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