Flip’s Twisted World – Nintendo Wii



    Genre: Puzzle
    Publisher: Majesco Entertainment
    Developer: Frozen North Productions
    Release Date: 9/21/2010
    Language: English

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    It started as an ordinary boring day for Master Fulcrum’s apprentice; Flip when he messed with the wrong magic artifact and got sucked into the crazy universe inside. Now he must fight and puzzle his way through five topsy-turvy worlds to return home and put everything back before The Master returns.

    Flip’s Twisted World is a 3D puzzle-platformer that follows the adventures of Flip who is accidentally trapped inside a world where up and down are just a matter of perspective. By turning a magic cube he is able to turn the entire world opening up new paths and possibilities. Players must think ‘outside of the box’ as they navigate the world that is literally in the palms of their hands.

    • Use the Wii Remote to flip your world around 90 degrees at will. Switch perspectives to advance through topsy-turvy levels. A flick of the wrist and an obstructing wall is now a path a pit is now a corridor.
    • Delve into the story of the young apprentice wizard in single-player story mode
    • Puzzle your way through five unique worlds: a fractured castle a dense jungle full of booby-trapped temples a frozen arctic glacier a network of subterranean caves and an intricate clock tower in the skyCollect five magic tools to aid you in your quest
    • Meet unique characters along the way … some quirky and helpful others strange and dangerous
    • Unlock goodies and learn more about the story by finding The Master’s journal
    • Unlock alternate costumes to customize your character throughout the game
    • Earn badges to mark your in-game and level-building achievements
    • Supports Wii Remote and Nunchuk Classic controller or Gamecube controller play
    • Original music score by Tommy Tallarico

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