Altered Echo



    Genre: Action
    Publisher: THQ
    Developer: Outrage Games
    Release Date: 8/19/2003
    Language: English
    Rating: Teen

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    In Alter Echo players assume the role of Nevin; sent on a mission he does not yet understand to a planet whose very surface is alive. Interstellar corporations mine the planet’s organic skin — a substance called Plast — and use it to make bio-machines. Nevin is one of the rare ‘Shapers’ who can psychically alter Plast — and time itself. Nevin discovers that illegal experiments have infected Plast with human consciousness; and now he must fight for survival against a world gone mad; an entire planet that is using its bio-mechanical properties to spawn enemy after enemy to destroy him. An advanced real-time skeletal morphing system lets players to change between Melee; Gun and Stealth modes on the fly and during combat. The Outrage-developed TimeDilation system allows players to freeze the action and cue up an unstoppable flurry of moves and special attacks. The groundbreaking PostFX camera system intensifies every action with mind-blowing visual effects; camera filters and screen distortions.

    • Intense action set in a fantastical and unique universe
    • Play a hero with the ability to instantly morph into one of 3 different modes:
    • Become a martial arts master of hand-to-hand fighting techniques wielding dual bladed weapons when you morph into Melee Mode
    • Morph into Gun Mode to become a heavily armored man-tank that spews a range of living projectiles
    • Use your chameleon-like abilities to blend in the shadows to leap distances and to climb impossible surfaces when you morph into Stealth Mode

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