Retro Gaming & Collecting Podcast Episode #9 – Friends with Benefits

This week we talk about a ton of stuff from a Koopa Shell Backpack to last weeks Free Game Friday – Ultima IV on Also learn how to change your error / exclamation sound on your PC to his “Toasty!” and part three of Collectors Guide to Flea Markets, Yard Sales and Bargains. I finally got around to doing my very own funny video game picture… Raiden Planking. Our friends over at are having a fund raising campaign and you can help them out by going HERE. Lastly PLEASE remember to leave a rating on iTunes because it really helps us out. It will allow us to get further up the rankings and possibly be on the “New and Noteworthy” section of iTunes. oh! Someone leaked a list of possible launch titles for the upcoming Wii U.

This past weekends finds:

If your interested in buying any of my weekend finds, please feel free to send me an email or a message on Facebook. I will be setting up a page on here to show which games I have for sale and what I would like to get for them. We can ether do it between us or use GameGavel or GameTZ. All money made from these games goes directly back to the podcast by upgrading equipment or paying for the host etc.


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