New Super Nintendo game being released?!?!?

SNES Super 4 in 1 Multicart - Piko InteractiveIt’s been many years since the last Super Nintendo game was released and Piko Interactive is here to give a new dose of retro awesomeness.  In May of 2013, Piko Interactive successfully funded a Kickstarter  project to bring their homebrews to an official release.  A year later their game is ready for your eager hands!

 This brand new game  contains 4 different games for the price of one!

uwol logo You get Ewol, a game that has the feel of a classic SNES game and has you running around a millionaire mansion gathering up of the monies you can find! With 55 different levels and hardness that you expect from a Super NES, you’ll be playing this one for a while!

mazezam logo Mazezam  is a puzzle game withe the main goal of helping the main character get through stages full of fun obstacles. Features 50 stages to clear ,  a password system to replay stages and options for English or French text!  This game was the winner of the NeoFlash 2012 video game competition and was featured in Retro Video Game Magazine in the UK!

skip and friends logo Skip and Friends is an award winning game that has you moving three characters across the map to safety. Each character has 2 limited special abilities that you can use to help advance through each level.  A password system is also in place to allow you to resume your game from the stage you left off on.\

N- WARP Daisakusen Lastly we have N- WARP Daisakusen a simple but fun free for all fighting game. The game even supports up to 8 players using the SNES Multitap! Throw this game in your system for a great party game and have your friends beating each other up. 

Order yours today on our site and bring an old friend back to life! Get a copy with box and manual for only $59.99 plus S/H charges.


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