New Series Launch Announcement – VGR Challenge

For anybody that missed the show last night, we are starting up a new series called VGR Challenge. In this series, it is you guys that challenge me and I will record myself trying to do the challenge.

I already have 1 challenge that will go up next week that is “How far can you get in Sonic 1 on Genesis in 3 minutes?”

The way that the challenges work is that any game, as long as I own it or I can get easy access to it (so please do not challenge me to something in EarthBound or NWC or Stadium Events or something like that), and then I will try to do it. It could be for me to try to get a certain score, or try to get a certain score is a specific amount of time, or even to just complete a task (Example: beat the first level in Dark Souls) or something that like. Any challenge that shouldn’t take too long to do, I will do it. So please to not challenge me to get all 120 stars in Mario 64 or something.

If you want me to try and speedrun something, or get a high score, or whatever you can think of, then you are free to chellenge me.

If this series picks up speed, we are in talks of doing more than you guys just talking about challenging me, and also really challenging me and there is a possibility of a community challenge video showing up on our YouTube page.

We are also in talks with getting people over at Dustin’s new location for his store involved for some live challenges to try and beat me as well.

I am not trying to act like I am the best at every game, which is why these challenges will be fun. There is a pretty good chance for some comedy as I fall on my face trying to do a challenge.

In order to challenge us, simply send us an e-mail at:

Please include your name or internet handle somewhere in the challenge so that I can give you a shoutout (if you have a dirty internet handle, then maybe just a first name will be fine).

Like I said, if I have the game or have access to get the game (so please, nothing rare or obscure) and I can get the game, then I will be accepting pretty much any and all challenges.

So, let’s get this series started. It will be a very fun way to get you guys involved and get us trying to beat whatever challenge you throw at us


Kevin passed away in April 2014. He will be deeply missed :(

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