Must have Nintendo 64 System & Controller display

Our friend NintendoTwizer has a crazy Nintendo 64 collection that I just had to share with you all. He took the time to not only share this awesome Nintendo 64 display but he also provided info on how to make your own!

You can order acrylic sheets from either


Here’s what he ordered:

  • 12ft x 1/2″ acrylic rods
  • (9)12″ x 12″ x 1/8″ acrylic sheets
  • Acrylic cement and applicator.

The general dimensions of the system stand are 12″w x 9.5″d x 32″h

After getting my supplies I cut the rods into 3.75″ pieces and cut the sheets down to 9.5″ x 12″. I then smoothed out the bottoms and tops of the rods with sandpaper. You could probably router this… but the rods must be quite smooth on the ends where you cut… don’t round any edges. Use the acrylic cement and applicator to start building the shelf. The acrylic cement isn’t glue; it literally welds the two acrylic pieces together. It’s a pure liquid so that’s why it only works if everything is smooth. It sets up within a few seconds.

Oh also, just in case you wanted to make a shelf of a different size, the N64 system dimensions are as follows:

N64 – 10.2w x 7.5d x 2.9h

N64 Pokemon – 11.5w x 7.5d x 3.5h


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  1. Cool site man. Thanks for the resources of where to get acrylic sheets.

    I’ve used this square aluminum tubing in the past. If you need that sort of thing, check them out too!

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