My old video game store

As I have mentioned a few times before, I use to have a video game store at a local flea market here in Jacksonville. I’ve been reluctant to post the pictures mainly because I miss it so much. Now that I’m working on opening a real store, I don’t mind at all posting these to the world. It now is a reminder of what I accomplished and that I can reach greatness.

I started this journey with $500 that I managed to scrounge together and a dream of one day opening my own video game store. I later borrowed another $500 from my grandparents and bought some video games wholesale from my friend Jerry who owns Games Galore. I quickly became a popular stop for all the flea marketers, video gamers, collectors and friends. I not only sold the video games but repaired all of them including the disc. The opportunity to open a store in the flea market came soon after and I jumped on it. For about a year we stayed at that location until the local economy went to crap. It was incredibly difficult making the decision to close the store and I had multiple reasons.

The picture at the bottom is where i started =) and the rest are of the store. If I find anymore pictures I will add them.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and the journey I will share with you all as I move to opening a video game store.


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