How to make your own Mario Warp Tube

I’ve wanted to start dabbling in art and never had the inspiration to get a project started. Well not to long ago an idea popped into my head and I couldn’t resist not doing it and that inspiration I’ve been waiting for nailed me. I manned up and headed to the craft store, where I felt pretty out of place to be honest. By the end of my trip I was comfortable and managed to find the perfect items to put together. I started a two part project and I began with the what I consider the easier part… The Mario tube!

These are the materials I picked up for the Mario tube and the other part of the project you will see tomorrow. I ended up not using the sticks but that’s OK I’m sure I will figure a way out to use them in a future project. I started by painting the box with a coat of green. At first I was concerned that the cardboard would absorb the paint and It would not be useable. After 3 coats of the green, it looks great! I used a protractor to make the circle on top of the tube and I’m glad I did because I don’t think I could have hand drawn a better one. I really excited to show you all the final product of this project. Check in tomorrow to see Part 2 and learn how to make a Mario Flower


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