Limited Edition Gold Wii Nun Chuck available Nov. 26th!

Just like the title says the limited edition golden Wii nun chuck will be available November 26th. The only way to get this rare nun chuck is to be part of the Club Nintendo portion of If you’re not aware of Club Nintendo then you probably wont be able to jump on this great deal. But if you are aware and you’re a little short on the 900 points you will need to get it then I have a few extra points I can toss your way.

I missed this great deal months ago when it was available and regretted it. This nun chuck is going for around $100 on eBay and I’m sure this limited release wont effect that price much. For the new collectors or people thinking about jumping on the game collecting band wagon this is a nice first addition to your collection.

Remember there are limited numbers! Last time they sold out the SAME DAY!

Get yours at Club Nintendo


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  1. Only 400 coins shy..haha

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