Legend Of Zelda Overworld Map Recreated In LEGO

This is an over world view of the Legend of Zelda map. It’s 256 studs by 88 studs and each screen/section is 16 by 11. (One stud represents 16×16 pixels) The map was first displayed  Michael Kuroda at BrickCon 2012 in Art/Sculpture/Mosaic! Zelda art always has a special spot with me because of the hours I spent playing this game with my brother. I’m sure most of you have seen the custom Zelda system my friend Kevin made.

Source: Geekologie.com

I do love the some LEGO’s and when you add a video game concept to it I lose my mind! Check out what I’ve done and how to make a Lego Gumba and a LEGO Mario Mushroom


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