Information that was given on the podcast of 2/10/2014

Hey guys, Kevin here.

I was going to wait until next Monday’s show to talk about this, but I personally felt that waiting until Monday is too long of a wait.

We here at Video Game Rescue pride ourselves in making sure that all information we give is accurate. We do not like spreading rumors or speculation. Yes, we might talk about the rumors or speculation, but we keep them as that and do not want to spread that as fact.

It came to my attention, and the attention of many people, the true reason for Flappy Bird getting pulled off of the marketplace. The information I told you about why was incorrect. The information I had was from a well known place, which meant that it was assumed it was a trusted source for news about video games. Unfortunately, that information was false.

I want to sincerely apologize for that happening and promise you that in the future, Video Game Rescue will no longer use that source for information.

Here is a source that says what truly happened:
Wall Street Journal Article with Dong Nguyen

Thanks for your time guys and keep on gaming,


Kevin passed away in April 2014. He will be deeply missed :(

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