I bought a video game collection

Two weeks ago I was at a friends house, going through the many boxes he had in his garage that were full of video games. It was a game collectors Toy’s R’ Us! His entire garage was slammed full of rubber containers, filing cabinets and boxes full of everything video games. This friend of mine John, sells video games at a local flea market and occasionally on the internet. He knew I had just opened my new store and I needed some inventory so he invited me over to take a look. After being there for about three hours digging through the mounds of games he turned to me and says “Why don’t you just buy me out?” I went home that night and thought about it and decided I should go for it. I spoke to him a day later and we agreed on an estimated value of all the games and I told him that I had a ton of old G.I. Joe figures if he wanted to trade. So, I ended up trading him all my old G.I. Joe toys from when I was a kid AND some money.

A week ago I headed over to John’s house in my other buddies truck to make the swap and pick up all my new video game goodies. There was so many boxes of video games that they wouldn’t fit in the truck! My buddies truck is no small truck, its a new F150 and I still have a few boxes of stuff at his house still! over the last week I have been digging through the boxes to organize this stuff and I have found a few treasures! Note-ably I have found E.V.O for SNES! I have an entire container of Systems and countless accessories. Over the next few days I will post more finds =)


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  1. How cluttered is everything still, and how much does Deanna wanna kill you??? 🙂

  2. It’s getting better. While im watching TV I rubber band the accessories and some of it I moved to the guest bedroom

  3. haha, so much to look at in these pics that I dont know where to start.

  4. Did there happen to be a sega cd system in there because you know I’m looking for one? Do you have a list yet of what’s in there as I can already tell I may want that yellow 64 contoller and genisis 3.

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