How to tell if you have a FAKE Pokemon game…

 I have had my fair share of run ins with fake Pokemon games over the last year and it always bothers me when I have to tell a customer that their Pokemon game is fake. Most people have no idea how to spoke the knockoff Pokemon’s that are rampant not only in my hometown but all over the US. Countless people have gotten them off of eBay as well! If you look at this picture that I have provided it will show you the signs to look for when buying or trading for a Pokemon game.

Thankfully once you know what to look for on the game, you will never be tricked again! Be warned that Pokemon games are not the only fakes! Goodluck and happy gaming!


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  1. Oh yeah! I remember that happening a few times when i was there,There was a guy asking how much you would give him for it and you pointed out the ”fakeness” and he looked totally shocked.Its still a good game,just fake.I remember i bought a pokemon blue and it was hacked and all violent and evil.It scared the crap out of me xD.

  2. Another good way to tell (if you can get your hands on the cart) is to tilt the cart so you can see if there are numbers imprinted in the label. All official GBA games have the nintendo logo on the PCB you should be able to see it by looking in the bottom of the cart where it connects to the console.

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