How to Repair & Clean your Nintendo NES System

Learning to repair and clean your systems is essential to any video game collectors skills. Start with an original Nintendo to build your confidence on how to repair a video game console. They are very basic and really hard to screw up being that the technology is over twenty years old. Another item you may want to consider using is a magic eraser on your systems. PLEASE remember that they are basically sand paper and can do hard to the plastic! So use at your own risk but if used correctly your results will truly be magical!

Here are the links to where you can buy not only the 72 pin adapter but the tools as well.

  1. Multi-Purpose Cleaning Brushes
  2. Phillips Head Screwdriver
  3. Armor-All Original
  4. Multi-Purpose Canned Air
  5. 72 Pin Connector for NES System

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