Help bring an ARCADE right next to the store!

Together, we can create something unique here in Jacksonville! Let’s build a retro arcade and cafe right next to Video Game Rescue for the entire gaming community to enjoy!

Imagine having a place to hold Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, Starfox 64 and Pokemon Stadium tournaments. Imagine a huge area dedicated to classic arcade & pinballs like Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong and more! Imagine a gamer-themed cafe where the barista knows your name, your order, and realizes you need to have it before your turn starts again! We are attempting to create the ULTIMATE game room and cafe, created BY gamers, FOR gamers!

For helping make the arcade a reality you we have selected some REALLY cool perks like shirts, coozy & stadium cups(with our logo on them) or even sponsor an arcade cabinet!

So now its up to you! Donate or help spread the word here: Video Game Rescue Arcade & Cafe Expansion IndieGoGo Campaign


Founder of VideoGameRescue and the Nerd Castle

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  1. Ddr maybe? Itg? Piu? Iidx?
    It would be good to have a rhythm game community in jax again. The desire is there but the need isn’t being met currently

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