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Super Mario 3Well here is my first post on the new site! First of all I would like to thank each and every person that takes the time to browse my site.

I know what you’re thinking; “Why should I listen to this guy?” Well, the video game world is a passion of mine that I hope to share with you over time. My first real exposure to the world was of course, as a kid. Playing endless hours of Super Mario Bros. on my NES system. At the age of 16, I was hired by Rhino Video Games (now owned by Gamestop) as a Customer Service Rep. While there, I learned the value of video games and quickly found that just because a game is “old” doesn’t mean it loses its value. At that time, Rhino was starting to phase out the older retro games and concentrate on the current generations only (Playstation 2, Xbox Gamecube). While I was working one day, a middle-aged man came into the store with a few old NES games. These weren’t your average games seen in someones closet–these were SEALED Super Mario 3, Metroid and Final Fantasy. Like I said earlier, Rhino was phasing these guys out and I knew that these three games had exponential value. The man really needed money, so of course, I asked him how much he was looking to make. He replied, without hesitation, $5 dollars. I figured “Why not buy them? They will at least look cool in my room.” At that time, I had no idea I was sitting on a gold mine. So I just casually tossed them in my backpack. I later found out that these three games were worth hundreds of dollars on eBay.

In 2006, I decided that I would start my own video game business. I started selling odd and end video game items on eBay and quickly learned there was also value in the repair of the systems and games themselves. That is where Video Game Rescue originated. A few years later, I opened a store front at a local flea market and did great until the economic upheaval. With fewer and fewer customers, I packed up and sold my inventory.

So today, December 12th, 2011, I start again on that road to follows my passion. Feel free to join me.


Founder of VideoGameRescue and the Nerd Castle

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