How to beat Glass Joe in 42 seconds on Mike Tyson’s Punch-out!!

Glass Joe

Rank: #2 on Minor Circuit
Record: 1-99 (1 KO)
Origin: Paris, France
Age: 38
Weight: 110 lbs.

Trash Talk:

  • “This is my last match! I’m too old for fighting!”
  • “Make it quick… I want to retire!”
  • “Do I have time to take a nap before the fight?”
  • “Watch the jaw!! don’t hit my jaw!”

OK lets get to the point here! So, you ask how to beat Glass Joe? Well it will be a breeze after finish this! To win you will need to get a KO or 5 Knockdown overall and a Decision must be at least 5,000 points and is the minimum requirement. The Fastest KO of Glass Joe is 42 seconds and you can see the video at the bottom.

Basic Strategy:

  • For the Taunt Hook, try to jab Glass Joe in the face as he hops down. This might knock Glass Joe down regardless of his energy. If he does not fall, be ready to doge the upcoming hook that is part of this punch. He will throw these at the following times: Round 1: 40 seconds, Round 2: 30 seconds, Round 3: 30 seconds.
  • Dodge the Right Hook, and punch him stun him. Joe throws these throughout the whole match after the first Taunt Hook is thrown.
  • Dodge the Left Jab, and punch him to stun him. Joe throws these throughout R2 and R3 after the R2 30 second Taunt Punch.

Fastest Strategy:
The fastest way is to jab Glass Joe in the face when he attempts the Taunt Hook at 40 seconds of Round one.
There’s two outcomes, he ether gets up at one or is KO’d


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