Retro Gaming & Collecting Podcast Episode #8 – That’s my bag baby

    This episode we talk about my weekend finds and one listeners find and the picture that didn’t come out too well. I continue my mini series Collector’s guide to Flea Markets, Yard Sales and Bargains with Part 2: That’s my bag baby! My old video game store comes up and I go over what I’m currently doing to get myself in the position to open up another video game store. A Halo mini series is  to be released before Halo 4 launch Via: Variety and more!

    My weekend finds:

    PlayStation Store Update HERE

    1. FREE GAMES at PS Store

    • Awesomenauts
    • Castlevania – Symphony of the Night
    • Castlevania Chronicles

    2. Legend of Dragoon is now available for digital download.

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