Video Game Rescue #75 – Angry at Angry Birds, Launch day tips & CoD Aliens?

On this weeks show the guys talk about this weekend’s Zombiefest,  Why is Angry Birds Star Wars so expensive for consoles? and tips on chasing the new consoles on LAUNCH DAY!!! Call of Duty is rumored to be replacing your Zombies with Aliens! See the leaked pictures here.

Star Citizen has reached over $25 million in crowd sourced money

NeoSaga (Indie Developer) CEO has a meltdown in the public eye

Dustin will be trying to get a  PS4 on launch day! He just wants to see if he can actually beat the chaos and score a console on launch day.

Pro tips:

  • Don’t go alone! – Lots of crazy people looking for a system will cause them to not be at their best behavior.
  • Get out of major areas and try unconventional stores. Skip Walmart, Gamestop and Best Buy. Try Sears, Toy’s R Us, Sam’s Club, K-mart, Target.
  • Wear some nice running shoes – You may be on your feet for some time.
  • Bring warm clothing – Let’s say you find an ideal store you’ll still be waiting for a while.
  • Arrive early – Early worm gets the PS4!
  • Make friends – Get to know the people in line with you, get to know the staff. Ask if they are prepping some kind of system for those without any reservations. Bring treats and share with everyone, some may be iffy about sharing food but a few gaming magazines will get a conversation going for a while.
  • Hygiene – It’s silly I have to mention this but we know it’s late but still try to look friendly and approachable.
  • Zero tolerance – Near midnight you’ll see a 2nd line form of those you ran late and don’t want to wait. Get the employees to deal with them. Usually the newbs are working the lines tell them to get a manager to keep the order.
  • Food Bring your own or eat prior, bring some to share with those willing they will watch your back.
  • Don’t smoke in line It upsets people and there may be kids there, if you NEED a smoke step out of line so no one else has to inhale or use an e-cig
  • Don’t show up drunk or stoned. Do we need to explain this? I’ve seen people dragged away for public intoxication just so those behind them can move forward in line. Don’t give them an excuse to cut you out.

Share your stories and launch day scores with us! Be part of the history and remember your representing your hobby and you want more to get on board so be a cool guy/gal.





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