Retro Gaming & Collecting Podcast Episode #26 – This is Killer

Video Game Rescue

Game of the Week: Killer Instinct

This memorable fighting game was originally released in the arcades in November of 94. This had a mix of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter! During today’s show we will even be playing some of the songs off the Killer Cuts soundtrack!

Track listing

  1. K.I. Feeling – 3:45 (Orchid’s stage remix)
  2. The Way U Move – 3:58
  3. Controlling Transmission – 3:56 (Glacius’ stage remix)
  4. Oh Yeah – 3:23 (Thunder’s stage remix)
  5. It’s a Jungle – 3:04
  6. Do It Now! – 3:55 (Jago’s stage remix)
  7. Full-bore – 3:16 (Fulgore’s stage remix)
  8. The Instinct – 4:53 (Main theme remix)
  9. Yo Check This Out! – 1:36 (Combo’s stage remix)
  10. Freeze – 2:11 (Street stage remix)
  11. Trailblazer – 1:50 (Cinder’s stage remix)
  12. Tooth & Claw – 3:09 (Sabrewulf’s stage remix)
  13. Ya Ha Haa – 3:00 (Spinal’s stage remix)
  14. Rumble – 2:11 (Riptor’s stage remix)
  15. The Extreme – 2:33 (Eyedol’s stage remix)

Question of the Week

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This weeks question:

“What is the name of the hidden character in Killer Instinct?”

Find of the Week: Baberim from /r/GameCollecting
He received all of these for FREE! See his original post on Reddit HERE and see the photos of his score HERE.

  • 15 Nintendo 64 Games
  • 14 NES Games
  • CiB Nintendo 64
  • CiB NES
  • CiB PlayStation

Interview with JJ from &

My Find of the Week:

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