Retro Gaming & Collecting Podcast Episode #25 – What kind of collector are you?

Video Game Rescue

This month in gaming: Skies of Arcadia

Released October 5th 2000 in Japan and later released on November 13th in the U.S.

Fun fact:

Skies of Arcadia included a mini-RPG for the VMU, called Pinta Quest. The game can be downloaded after the player reaches Sailor’s Isle and talks to Pinta, a young boy who expresses a wish to sail all over the world and discover things. Pinta Quest is essentially a miniature RPG based entirely on random encounters, and any items and money gained within the mini game can be loaded into the main game inventory. Pinta Quest was not included in Skies of Arcadia Legends. Source: Wikipedia



Gamer Quiz!

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This weeks question:

How many pieces of wreckage must you collect to beat Toe Jam & Earl?




Find of the Week

$100 Boxed Famicom, Mega Drive + Mark 3 Converter and tons of games found by Will AKA StupidLullabies.

If you would like to submit your very own Find of the Week just email me at [email protected]

My Find of the Week

  • 194 Boxed Atari, Colecovision & Intellivion games
  • Only paid $75
  • Found it at a pawn shop


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  1. How many pieces of wreckage must you collect to beat Toe Jam & Earl?

    Answer: 10

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