Retro Gaming & Collecting Podcast Episode #24 – How to display your collection

Video Game Rescue

On today’s podcast we have Aaron aka NintendoTwizer on to talk about his collection and how he displays it. Every collector eventually runs into the problem of how do I display this collection I have put together? One of the big topics for this weeks podcast is how to display your collection and control that beast.   We also talk about Sonic Adventure in “This Month in Gaming” and interview Katelyn from TheEstrangedArtist. Get your Universal media cases here.

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 This is Aaron’s killer collection that will make any collector super jelly!


Shelf that Aaron said he recommends:


This weeks Find of the Week is Thomas and his $100 lot of awesomeness! He said he had to drive over an hour to get it but he made a pretty good score. He also said that he is jumping into the world of collecting and I want to welcome him to his new addiction!

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  2. That gaming set up is pretty sweet. The thing I like the most is the painted labels he made for the different consoles. That is so balla and is making me super jelly.

  3. Aaron’s collection & set up is SICK!

    Thanks for the shout out Dustin. Only crappy thing about my find is I ended up realizing that the power supply for the Nomad & PS1 were missing. Contacted the guy & he apologized & said he’s send em since I live so far away. Still nothing in the mail & he won’t respond to emails or texts now!

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