Retro Gaming & Collecting Podcast Episode #3 – Let’s give some stuff away! Interview with TheGeekGallery

Video Game Rescue

This week we talk about Sonic CD’s Birthday, another video game easter egg and #RetroGaming stickers. I have some big news about the store and a contest that starts in October. Today’s guest is Jacob from TheGeekGallery and we talk about some of his really cool video game prints.  Stickers are still available and last weeks winner of a free sticker was Brian from Colorado.

This month in Gaming:

Sonic CD was released September of ’93 in Japan and released later in Europe and America.

I got my Gears of War 3 Poster back from being framed and it will be up in the new store.




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Video Game Easter Egg:

Conker’s Bad Fur Day

 At the start of the game, you can see both Banjo and Kazooie in the ‘C*ck & Plucker’. Banjo’s head is mounted above the fireplace.


Kazooie’s head has been made into the handle of an umbrella found in the closet.






October Contest Starts October 1st

To enter fill out this form telling us where you helped spread the word of this great item.

  • There will be a new item featured each business day.
  • Re-post about that item on your social network and receive points
  • Each social network is worth 1 point. You can earn 4 points a day.
  • Fill out this form each day that you tweet, post or stumble the item.
  • At the end of the month the top 20 people will be given a choice of items.
  • The person with the most points chooses first and then down the line.
  • In the case of a tie then a random number generator will choose the winner.



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