Retro Gaming & Collecting Podcast Episode #22 – He Who Hesitates is Lost

Video Game Rescue

This week we talk about Mega Man 7, What a Dreamcast game let the world know and another find of the week. We also welcome Rachael on the podcast and we talk about her Etsy store TrenoNights.

This Month in Gaming: Mega Man 7

Sept 1995 This guy jumped on the scene in the US. Here is a bonus Mega Man 7 Easter egg! Mega Man has a huge following and this addition to the series wasn’t mind blowing but still was a decent game. Mega Man 7 was later added to the Mega Man Anniversary edition on the PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube systems.

Code to fight all eight robot master: 1755-8187-6486-2322

Video Game Easter Eggs


At the vary end of the life of the Sega Dreamcast a programmer for Sega decided to let the world know a little secret. There is a file on Sega Smash Pack vol. 1 called ECHELON.TXT. This file spelled out how to release a ROM for the Dreamcast that unlocked all of the genesis games.




Find of the Week

I bought a copy of Bomberman 2 at a local business for only $9.35!!! This game sells regularly for $75!!!

Find a copy of Bomberman 2on




 Know the Difference!

Knowing the difference and seeking it means you have a game that’s ether $15 game or a $30 game. Capcom’s initial release of Resident Evil: Revelations was a bit of a screw up. On the spine of the first release they misspelled Revelations by putting “Revelaitons”

Learn more about Resident Evil: Revelations



Buy the Sticker!

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Store Update

This week at the store has been so awesome! I’m releasing the podcast a little late this time because the normal time I record the podcast I was in a class learning how to write my own business plan.Over the next few weeks I will be working really hard on my plan to open a brand new store front in Jacksonville, Fl. Until then you can always come out and see me at the Pecan Park Flea Market every weekend from 10am-5pm

[important]Starting next week I will be releasing the podcast at 8am  Wednesday and will be available for to chat here on Disqus that night from 8pm to 9pm![/important]


Podcast Interview: Rachael from Treno Nights

Visit her Etsy Shop and get your own video game inspired jewelery! She has everything from Piranha flower ear rings to Legend of Zelda inspired necklaces.

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