Video Game Rescue Episode #21 – What happened 9/9/99?

This episode we discuss what happened on 9/9/99 and what greatness and failure that followed it. We also see what cool #RetroGaming fun is being made over at iRetroShop. This past week I made some really cool Sega Game Gear Cases and I teach you how to make your own! I got some really cool stickers from a fellow gamer and finally we talk about this weeks Video Game Easter Egg & Cheats. I’m trying to make each episode not only an audio show but a kind of news letter as well. The show notes will now be a guide through the podcast, showing you what I’m talking about as I go. Let me know what you think and leave a comment at the bottom of the post.

This Month in Gaming! Dreamcast

Thirteen years ago on 9/9/99, Sega blessed us with the awesomeness that is the Sega Dreamcast! This system was far ahead of it’s time and in many ways that is exactly what killed it. From controller’s VMU to the internet ready system it all was awesome. But what really went wrong?


They had a great system with a great launch lineup and even had a few cool looking systems. They released a sweet looking Black Sports Dreamcast and a Blue Dreamcast for EB games online orders.

Find of the WeeK

This weeks winner of “Find of the Week” is Cusano and his crazy $112 steal of a hotel unit Super Famicom Box! You can see the eBay auction over here. This awesome little unit includes built in games like Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country and StarFox. That is a steal for only $122! You would pay more than that buying the system and the games separately.




Interview with iRetroShop

Before I start telling you about all the cool things that iRetroShop is making, I wanted to apologize for the bad audio during the interview. Skype was not wanting to work with us the entire time. This group is doing what they can to bring an old friend back to life by making USB controllers out of old NES and SNES controllers. These controllers not only allow you to play your emulators but store games on that SAME controller! Nuts huh?!? Check out their store on Etsy and also follow them on twitter @iRetroShop & on Facebook.


Stickers from a fellow gamer!

PunctureBMX over at /r/GameCollecting sent me some really cool #RetroGaming Stickers. I will be putting some of these up at the store. Which sticker is your favorite?



 Gears of War 3 Poster Signed

Today’s mail was slammed with awesome today! My Gears of War 3 Poster came in the mail and it looks pretty awesome! I know your asking yourself “How did this guy end up with a signed Gears poster?” Well its a pretty cool story! You’ll have to listen to the podcast to hear the entire story. But the short story is Wes from Epic games saw this poster in one of my store walk through videos and sent me a message saying he’d have everyone sign it.


 I can’t wait to put this up in the new store. I think tomorrow I will have it framed!

Pictures to come!


Video Game Easter Egg of the Week


  1. In the first chapter get to the part where G is.
  2. Don’t save the next guy.
  3. Save the lady
  4. Save the man by the well
  5. The next man is Ronald Reagan!

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