Retro Gaming & Collecting Podcast Episode #18 – Here we go!!!

This episode I discuss a post from earlier this week, Trials & Tribulations of a Reseller and Collector. This is a great article about how reselling games doesn’t make you the bad guy and in fact can help enhance your video game collection. I also discuss what’s going on at the store and my plans to take the store to the next level. Our friend Kevin has made another master piece and has show us his new custom Yoshi Super Nintendo. Leave a message here and tell him what system you would like to see next!

NEW show segment! “This month in video games” features a popular game released in the distant past. I discuss what made it so popular and fun facts about the game. This week we talk about one of the greatest classic games of all time… Mario Kart!(see a funny video game picture of Mario in real life)









NEW show segment #2! “Video Game Cheats & Easter Eggs” Yep that’s right! You get two new segments added to the show! Each week we will feature a different game with a few cheats and Easter eggs in the retro games we love. This week we feature arcade classic NBA JAM! Tune in to see what fun stuff you may have never know were hidden in this awesome arcade game.


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