Retro Gaming & Collecting Podcast Episode #10 – Power Move & Interview with a Collector

Episode #10 – Power Move & Interview with a Collector

On this episode we discuss the next part of the Collector’s guide, an interview with fellow collector and friend John, I’m Looking to trade a few games. Also, what new retro games have you played this week?

I’ve wanted to for sometime to start doing interviews and this week I finally got to do one. I asked fellow video game collector, John to come onto the podcast and talk with me about his love of gaming. We talk about where we met, games we collect, our rarest find and a few tips on finding deals.

You don’t have to be a collector to be on the show! You can have a blog of your own, a YouTube channel or what ever that you do that involves video games. If your interested in being on the show toss me an email [email protected]


Funny Video Game Pictures:

My weekend finds

If your interested in buying any of my weekend finds, please feel free to send me an email or a message on Facebook. I will be setting up a page on here to show which games I have for sale and what I would like to get for them. We can ether do it between us or use GameGavel or GameTZ. All money made from these games goes directly back to the podcast by upgrading equipment or paying for the host etc.


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